~Discover Your Inner World~

~Discover Your Inner World~

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Through Life Coaching we work with moving clients forward, some areas we work with:

1. Time & Stress management

2. Relationship building

3. Self-Esteem and Confidence

4. Organisational skills

5.  Personal and Professional Goal-setting

6. Work/Life balance

7. Interpersonal skills & Finance management​

8. Death and Loss

9. and much more. 

Through CBTHypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Relaxation , Time-Line Therapy & Aafiyah Healing we work with:

1.  Emotional regulation

2.  Past Traumas/Understanding the past

3.  Stress, depression, anxiety by creating a safe place  to talk without being judged

4. Death and Loss

5. Spiritual Hypno-Birthing 

6. Mind- Shift Self- Care packages 

7. Mild Physical Health Problems 

8. And much more. 

The service we offer focuses on working with the individual at their own pace . We help individuals  to resolve complicated feelings, mental blockages, barriers, fears, worries and manage  personal inner struggles by  learning  positive coping mechanisms and techniques . Unhealthy patterns  lead to an unhealthy life style . 


We can help with the change! all you need is to take the first step!

To find out more about our  services, check our services page 

The Big Launch

Our first video on YouTube 'The Big Launch' edited by TheMessage channel and produced by Inner Reflection Therapies. 


Meet Samia
Holistic Well-being Therapist &Life Style Coach

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My journey from Crystal Reflections Training and Development to Inner Reflections Therapies



We offer:


Life Coaching & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 (BSc Accreditation)


 Hypnotherapy (Registered member)

Aafiyah Healing (Energy & Emotional Healing Accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)