About Me

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My journey from Crystal Reflections Training and Development to Inner Reflections Therapies

My youthful journey.....

So, I was a young entrepreneur at the age of 21 starting my Life Coaching Social Enterprise. My youthful days had inspired me to set up a Life coaching company based on my Life coaching, CBT and Behavioural Sciences Therapy qualifications. 


I delivered Personal, Emotional and Social  Accredited (NCFE examining board) training programs successfully to schools  and for organisations over the 7 years. 

In this time i also worked for many organisations as:

Mentor(Secondary schools), Life coach (Secondary schools), Life skills Tutor & family support worker (Children Centres), Emotional Health & Wellbeing Practitioner (Primary & Secondary schools), Youth practitioner(Young teens excluded from schools & PRU schools)  and Senior Emotional Therapeutic practitioner (CBT, based with 15 onwards to the age of 70).  

To my adult journey...

I took some time out to focus on my family and study further. So in 

 2020, I have had further progression in Hypnotherapy(NHS Accredited), Aafiya Healing (Holistic Therapy IPHM Accredited) and Psychotherapy (NCS Accredited).

I thereby introduce Inner Reflection Therapies,  in which I have incorporated Islamically integrated psychology to help tailor my service for Muslims according to their beliefs and my Non Muslim clients according to my Western inspired psychology.  

Having comprehensive tools  has enabled my service to be extended to different people from different walks of life.