Goals and Aspirations

As people we are always aspiring towards something, to better ourselves or to achieve something. To do this we set ourselves goals. Goals are effective because it makes it clearer to us what we want to achieve but what makes a goal distinctive to just wanting something is that it is more proactive. When we think about goals we set ourselves deadlines and think about how to achieve our success, the steps we have to take and how to overcome difficulties.

The next time you are setting yourself goals don’t just think about what you want. Take the time to think it through properly and maybe even write it down.

Look at the following two examples.

Person 1: “My goal is to lose some weight.” Person 2: “My goal is to lose a pound a week until I have lost a stone in time for the wedding.”

The difference is setting up a system whereby you can achieve your aim. Small goals help get you to your bigger goal. The second goal is more achievable because there is a focus through the use of time frames within the deadline with set targets. There is also a driving force behind the goal because the second person has a motivation in mind; they want to lose weight for a wedding. The next step for this person would be to set out a plan to make sure they achieve their weekly goals to achieve the overall one. In this case it could be creating a schedule to fit more exercise into their daily routines and also planning out their meals for the week to make sure they will stick to a healthy balanced diet.

When you are setting your goals to achieve your aspirations it’s important to know where you want to be heading and then focus on how to get there by setting targets, giving yourself deadlines and most importantly having a reason, a motivation, to give you the drive to get there. No one achieves their goals unless they really want to. Never be too rigid in your goals either, other more important things can take priority if they need to. Beating yourself up for not meeting a goal will result in frustration. It’s always good to know that the efforts are in your hands the results however is not in your control so try your best in whatever you want to achieve and leave the rest to whom you believe in.

We would love it if you could share some examples of your own.

Think about:

Times you have successfully used goal setting to help you achieve what you want, what steps did you take?

Times you have failed so others can think about how to improve where you failed.

Do you have a goal and would like crystal reflections and others on this blog to advice you on the steps you are taking to achieve your goal?

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