Motivation is of extreme importance when it comes to any individuals’ development. Simply wishing for change or wanting to improve is not enough so it is important to instigate the changes you want to make by thinking about what motivates you and keeping a positive mind. This is a combination of your reasons for behaving in a certain way or wanting to change behaviour and also how much you desire it and your willingness to act.

Motivation in general can be seen as goal oriented, you decide what you want and your reasons for wanting help you change your thoughts into action. From a psychological perspective there are three components of motivation.

1. Activation: This is the decision to initiate behaviour.

2. Persistency: Once you have activated the desire to do something you follow it with persistency, this is the continued effort towards a goal even when challenges lay ahead.

3. Intensity: You have to concentrate, be determined and vigorous when pursuing a goal. [1]

Motivation is an internal struggle whereby people are motivated from within to achieve their goals to better themselves as appose external motivations such as social recognition, praise or even rewards such as money. The question to ask yourself is what are your motivations for the things you do?

Do u want to achieve your goals for social recognition?

For praise?

For money?

For self satisfaction?

What are your overall intentions?

Once you have thought about why you are doing something, you can renew your intentions and reasons and it revitalises your motivation. You can also change negative motivations into positive ones.

[1] What is Motivation? By Kendra Cherry, psychology guide.

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