None Verbal communication

When you are working on improving your character it is important to consider how your character is presented to the people around you. This is through a number of ways such as your actions, your reactions etc but the one this blog is going to focus on is communication. Communication is important because how you communicate is what gives the other person their perception of you. It is especially significant when you are meeting a stranger for the first time for e.g. at a job interview. Getting the first impression right is essential as you only get one chance to get it right and it can create a lasting representation of what the other person thinks of you.

Communication is your use of body language, facial expressions and the different ways in which you present yourself through your actions and words. The actual Words we speak (the literal meaning) only account for 7% of the overall message, with tone of voice accounting for 38% and body language at 55%.

Ask yourself questions to determine what your habits are, sometimes we are not conscious of what we are doing, if you recognise for example that you flap your hands about a lot to make a point or if your excited/nervous train yourself to tone it down. It can be difficult to break a bad habit but you can practice different ways in how to behave before things like your interviews. The following list of questions may be of use to you:

Do you stutter when you are nervous?

Do you use words like erm a lot?

Are you in the habit of talking really fast when your excited?

Does your volume/pitch change to real high/ squeaky or really quiet in certain situations?

Do you fidget on your lap?

Do you over express with your hands?

Are you in the habit of constantly looking at your watch?

Do you tap your feet when you’re nervous, or shake your leg?

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