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~Our Testimonials for Crystal Reflections Training & Development~

For years we set up as Crystal Reflections which focused merely on building character and self understanding as well as moving from a 'Self orientated' approach to an 'Other orientated approach'. By helping individuals to be aware of others thoughts, needs, experience, personality, emotions, motives, desires, culture while still maintaining their own integrity.

We now have extended these services focusing on a Holistic approach based on the current needs of the changing society. We recognise that people need to be present within themselves mentally and emotionally before they can focus on their character and move forward within their life. So, we have bridged the gap through Inner Reflection Therapies, by working on ground level firstly, by assisting people to overcome and heal from emotions and traumas before moving onto the next stage of character.

Our services through Crystal Reflections has gained a lot of positive feedback. Some of which are highlighted below:

‘I was very impressed, very creative group’

(R. Berry, Bradford Council)

Some student Testimonials after my One day Life Skills workshop delivered at MA Institute:

‘I have learnt how I can improve myself and what qualifications I need for my job’

‘Helped me for my future’

‘The new skill I have learnt is patience and understanding’

‘I have learnt how to express my opinions’

‘That I can be someone, only if I realize’

‘I found learning in how to do my C.V. and personal development work useful’

‘I learnt how to communicate and take part in discussion’

‘I have learnt about what qualities I need for a job’

Below is a leaflet of the services we have previously offered through Crystal Reflections and from which we have had great feedback

Some of our Feedback

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