Wake up to your reality

Waking up to your reality is another way of saying ‘understand yourself’. By exploring a deeper understanding of yourself you have better insight into where your strengths and weaknesses lie and this can help you go from knowing who you are to who you can become. Here at Inner reflection Therapies we believe an individual’s character is extremely important when it comes to achieving their life ambitions. That is why we strive to help individuals build on their confidence and help them recognise what they are lacking and what they can improve to reach their set goals. We use techniques to help you to become more present within your mind and feel mentally calm before you are able to take steps to make those changes. We work on the past, present and future aspects of the self which you want to express or explore.

So what is character?

By definition character refers to the sum of characteristics possessed by a person. This is built around three aspects:

Character- This is moral qualities, ethical standards, principles, and the like.

Individuality- This refers to the distinctive qualities that make one recognisable as a person differentiated from others.

Personality: refers particularly to the combination of outer and inner characteristics that determine the impression that a person makes upon others.

Your personal character then is built around a variety of qualities and not only is it important for you to recognise your best traits and the areas in which you could improve on but knowing how to present your identity to the people around you is essential. As well as helping you to build your confidence the crystal reflections workshops can help you improve your communication skills in a variety of situations such as interviews. The way in which you assert yourself be it vocally or using your body language is vital to how you connect with the world around you.

So let’s look at some of the different qualities that make you: you.

Confidence- This is the belief that you can rely on someone or something and self confidence is a key part of your character. If you believe in yourself you will also believe in your other good characteristics and be able to understand and develop them more. Your confidence is something that grows as you do and for those of you that lack self confidence a good starting point is making a list of your insecurities and then coming up with ways to overcome them one by one. Actually taking the time to sit down and write out problems like this pushes you to actually do something, it is also beneficial to do as a group. In addition to this list think of your past mistakes and how you have learnt from these and also focus on the positive by identifying your past successes and use these examples to help you build on your confidence and achieve future success.

Self esteem- Once you have taken steps to help you develop your self confidence this will in turn improve your self esteem which is to have faith and respect yourself. If you have positive self esteem people will see this in you and also believe in you.

Faith- This is an important characteristics because if your character presents a strong sense of faith to others it show you have complete confidence in whatever you have faith in making it easier for others to share that faith. The faith can be in yourself, someone/something else, and also religion.

Wisdom- An important counterpart to having self-belief and confidence is the wisdom to back up your faith with experience, knowledge and good judgement. Wisdom is an important part of everyday decision making and when you have made a list of personal characteristics you would like improve you may need to seek out knowledge and experience to help you achieve those goals.

Resourcefulness- This is an important characteristic linked to determination. Are you the kind of person who gives up at the first hurdle or you capable of finding clever/new ways to overcome difficulties? Deep down everyone is capable but some people lack the confidence/faith/wisdom to even try. Your resourcefulness and determination show how all the different characteristics that build your individual personality are entwined and connect and shape you as a person. Think about a tricky situation you have been in and how you overcame it by using the above characteristics.

The list of qualities and principles that make character is endless, these are but a few which have been explored.

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