Who inspired your thoughts?

Inspiration is key to achieving our life goals. When you are thinking about aspects of your life you wish to improve its important to recognise where your inspirations and passions come from be it other people or something you have faith in. To give you focus think about what your morals and values are and this will help you tap into your inspirations/faith and use these more consciously. The word faith can also be substituted for hope trust and belief so think about what your hopes are and how you can use your beliefs and trust to achieve these. To help you in this process create mind maps, being creative will help you put your ideas together and make constructive sense of them.

Once you have created your mind maps and have a clearer idea of what inspires you, where your faith lies and what direction you would like to take you can start taking positive steps. To do this expand on what you have faith in with study and also cultivate your faith by creating opportunities to succeed in or achieve something for e.g. don’t just support a group you believe in but learn what you can do to help and get more involved. This could be anything from running a marathon to raise money for the charity you support to creating petitions or getting involved with community work.

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