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Being wise is a blessing in disguise, if you think you have this gift and would like to share your wisdom with us on any topics e.g. life, marriage, feelings, emotions, religion and so on. Then use our face book page as a platform for you to express your talents!

In this blog we would just like to share some words of wisdom.

"There's a need for clouds, the wind, the moon, the sun, and the solar system. So that you may find a piece of bread and eat it thoughtfully! Everything has been put in order and obeys command for your sake - It won't be just, if you do not obey."

— Sa'dee, God's mercy be upon him

"What is destined will reach you, even if it be underneath two mountains. What is not destined, will not reach you, even if it be between your two lips!"

— An Arabic proverb

"Then outwardly you are the small universe! Then inwardly you are the great universe."

— By Rumi, God's mercy be upon him

"Man is the being, among whom only a small minority of the elite ones, find the Greatness of Glorious God, from the study of things and there from acquire perfect faith. But the same tool has become the means of deviation for the rest of them."

— By Mawlana Faizani

"The body is not veiled from the Soul, and the Soul from the body - But Soul remains veiled from everyone."

— By Rumi, God's mercy be upon him

"Man is the being who is involuntarily and voluntarily busy with himself and his surroundings, between two broadcasting stations of good and evil, until one or the other ultimately prevails."

— By Mawlana Faizani

"…Do not render vain your deeds by a reminder of your generosity and annoying the people to whom you have given assistance or help purely for the sake of God."

— The Holy Quran, 2:264

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