One to one Life Coaching Services

 Is life coaching for you?

 1. One to one Life coaching

    We do an assessment and you decide what you want to get out of the session

 2. How our sessions are tailored: 

   You may come to coaching for

    -Solving a problem

    - Achieve a new goal

    - learn a new skill

    - Self Esteem & Confidence

    - And much more 

 3.Your coach will ask you how you would like to be supported. 

  • Coaching is tailor- made for the client

  • The coach and client are a team

  • The relationship is based on trust

 4.The coaching session is a space for exploration. We will listen, ask questions and use tools to raise your        awareness.

  • You will be able to explore an issue or topic

  • You will learn about your behaviour, thoughts and emotions

  • New insights and avenues for action will emerge

  • You will implement some behavioural changes or carry out an action plan that was agreed in the session

 5. Changes will take place

  • You will have solved the problem

  • You will learn how to solve problems in the future

  • You will produce results

  • You will feel empowered to create change in the future


 How many sessions you require, depends on the goal and steps taken to meet those goals.


 Cost: £35-£85per session 




Parent and Child one to one Mediation service

   One to one Coaching sessions focusing on using CBT to build Mother and child positive communication
  • Are you struggling to discipline your growing child?
  • Are you self- doubting your parenting skills?
  • Is your child not understanding your point of view?
 Whatever issues you may be facing, our unique service works with the parents separately to understand the           concerns of the parents around your child development and communication barriers. This focuses on the parent’s   plan of action to improve communication based on the parent’s goals.
 Our Service also extends to understanding the child’s wants as-well and setting a plan of action so the child can   find their true self, inner purpose and build a better communication with their parents.
 You maybe thinking why you need someone to work with you to bring an understanding between you and your child.   In our growing society our children's way of thinking are influenced in schools, by media and institutions e.g.   through the effects of bullying etc. Our services support's children in their journey to find their grounded way of   thinking. With coaching we assist in bridging any communication gaps to bring peace and understanding   within relationships.
 We hope that through this service we can ease the worries of parents and the emotional baggage your children are   carrying from their childhood experiences. 
 Cost: £35-£85 per session
 Usually 3 to 8 sessions are required for Parent & Child Coaching Mediation  
Aafiyah Healing(Holistic Therapies) CBT, Psychotherapy &Hypnosis

 Do you feel strong emotions?

 Do you feel emotions which affect your day to day activities where you struggle to become present with people        mentally?

 Do you feel that your emotions impact how you interact with others in a negative way?

 Do you feel your physical health can become low?

 What health conditions do you have?

One to one Holistic Therapy:

 Through holistic therapy we use realignment to test whether a client has an emotional pain or a physical health   condition. We work through these pains using natural techniques such as Rapid Trauma Release, TappingBreathing techniques, Mindfulness techniques,  Affirmations grounding, earthing and a combined or separate tailored service of Psychotherapy, CBT, Mindfulness & Hypnosis.


We understand each client is different so we approach you with a tool box of techniques matching your needs.  

 Cost: £35-£85 per session 





7-week Mind-Shift and Self -Care Relaxation 



 7-week group based program using Hypnotherapy, Relaxation and Mindfulness

  • The 7 weeks will give you an opportunity to internally explore and learn combined techniques in how to look after the mind, body and soul.

  • First aim is to help individuals, experience how to Relax and Visualise using the 5 senses to explore internal thoughts.                                                                                                                                                                  

  • The second aim it to help individuals create a 5-30 minute Mind shift and self- care routine, so you can take away CBT tips and techniques to help with your daily relaxation and positive mind- shift.


  • This program is inspired from the belief that the body is a trust, which requires our personal attention by looking after it and nurturing it with goodness. 

  • These steps, will help you to start feeling and making changes in your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health. Further it will help you to become clear minded and regain focus on being present in the moment of whatever you do e.g. focus within yourself, when doing any sort of meditation, reflection time, cooking, with children and so on. 

  • You will also receive Self- Care homework to do with either your mind, body or soul involving your 5 senses which you will need to complete to get the benefits from this program.

      Cost: £45per session per individual booking (Depending on the discount rates) 

               £1,200 organisational booking (Subject to terms discussed)    



Online service below

 Online Journaling Program: Certificate in ‘Life Coaching Progression Techniques’


  Have you ever thought of keeping a life journal?

 Or do you have a journal but don't know what to focus it around? 

 This unique online Journaling program provides you with transformational Tools and Techniques

  to progress in your life, to think outside the box and find solutions to unanswered questions.

  It combines different aspects of your day to day life so you become mindful of where your

  blockages are and where your pathway to success lies. 


 What you will achieve

  • Increase personal growth/self -awareness

  • Gain tools of self- reflection and implementation

  • Increase motivation, self- esteem, confidence in developing effective communication in relationships

  • Awareness and practical steps to self -care both physically and mentally

  • Facilitate you in finding the leader within you

  • Unlock the child within you

  • Give you Coaching and Therapeutic Tools to help yourself and others 

  • Receive a certificate in ‘Life coaching progression Tools & Techniques’


  Topics include: 

  1. What makes you who you are

  2. True friends and inspirations

  3. Thought processes and the mind

  4. Effective communication in relationships

  5. Motivation and goals

  6. Maintaining positivism in situations

  7. The Inner-self 'Wisdom, Forgiveness & Gratitude' 

  Age 14+ no upper age limit 

 Cost: £145

 Click on the link below to access the Online Journaling Program or copy the link

 into your internet browser

  For individual booking (Non funded places) alongside you will receive your online course certificate. 


 For Booking Enquiry, Contact Us Below